The Nordic Congress of General Practice 2019 will focus on quality, Aalborg 17 – 20 June

As part of the Nordic Congress of General Practice a lounge area will be dedicated to presentation of grass roots projects originating from general practice with focus on quality and the way general practitioners work. The lounge area will be placed in an area with large participant flow.

Our hope is to create an environment where the participants will stop, look at the presentations of practice-oriented quality development projects, talk to colleagues and the quality people in the area. It is a unique possibility for clinicians to learn from experiences from other colleagues and to be inspired to make projects in own practice or cluster. For researchers it is a unique possibility to be informed about and inspired by the ongoing projects in general practice.

The frame of a project presentation is 5 minutes on TV-screen as:

* A slide/poster with or without speak or

* Five slides with or without speak or

* An animation/film clip

On the individual TV-screen the same presentation will be shown several times depending on the total number of presentations to be shown.

In order to present a project you have to register as a congress participant. Further details about registration will appear later. Commercial companies, research groups or organizations without general medical anchoring will not be allowed to present projects in the area.